Logging into your Call Tracking account

First time logging in

When your Call Tracking account is ready, you will receive an invitation email from your account manager. Click Join Now in the email to access the service.


Then, fill in the following form with your personal information for your Call Tracking account: your name, username and password.


Again, click Join now to complete the process and start using Call Tracking.


Logging in once registered

Once you have verified your account, you can log into your Call Tracking account and access your inbound calls insights anywhere, at any time.

To sign in your Call Tracking account:

1.Get to the login page here: next.voicepublisher.net;


2. Type your login and password in the appropriate fields;

3. Click Sign in;

4. Once signed in, you have full access to your Call Tracking account;

5. If your login or password is incorrect, an error message is displayed. Please try again, and make sure you enter the correct data, and Caps Lock is turned off.